Editing 5D Mk III video with Elements Premiere

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OP Mike Gerstner Veteran Member • Posts: 4,022
Re: Editing 5D Mk III video with Elements Premiere

brian1366 wrote:

I can only speak as a T2i/T3i user, but starting with version 9, Elements Premiere is an excellent editor. It can edit H.264 AVCHD videos as-is off the camera with excellent performance. Previous versions of Premiere and Sony Vegas require that you transcode the H.264 to a less compute intensive codec like MPEG-2 unless you don't mind have a 2 FPS frame rate while editing.

thanks Brian..........I appreciate the help.  I am a little familiar with elements premiere so that should make life a little easier getting started.

Another question if I could (to you or anyone else).......been looking at CF cards and the Transcend card (600x) on this page from B&H has the best price, but as we all know the best price is not always the best value.

B&H CF Cards

Any input would be appreciated.

thanks, Mike

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