Why did Hitler not occupy Switzerland?

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Re: Nazi Germany & Switzerland...some reading....

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Because every Swiss has a gun? Nonsense.

The Swiss Banksters were much more useful for the Nazi regime the way things were.



That's an excellent link.
Hitler did have a plan to invade Switzerland. Operation Tannenbaum
But Hitler (or his advisers) was not stupid. Attacking a neutral state would remove all doubts for any other country that was not invaded yet. That's only thing I would like to add to those in the link you provided, which are

  • Resistance is guaranteed
  • Geographic advantage of the Alps for defense
  • Fear of internal conflict within Germany
  • Fear of transport lines between Germany and Italy being destroyed
  • Financial considerations

And, given those factors, what would be the benefits of an invasion?  No mineral resources (like Scandinavia), no oil (like the Caucasus or North Africa), not a potential threat to eliminate (like France), and no idealogical purpose either (like Lebensraum in Eastern Europe).

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