Couple of XE-1 shots where NOTHING whatsoever is in focus

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Re: Couple of suggestions

nixda wrote:

1. I just had a series of four pictures where nothing was in focus. It turned out that, in the heat of the moment, I had forgotten to switch back from MF mode to AF mode. Everything appeared to be out of focus 'by the same amount' as you say. Any chance that happened to you as well?
No, I did not have the camera set to MF the entire day.

2. A few other shots weren't quite in focus, because, as mentioned already, the focussing area contained both foreground and background objects with high contrast. There were other regions in the image that were in focus, probably accidentally.

Nothing in focus at all in the entire images.

3. Can you post your images, incl. full EXIF data?

I don't have capability of posting here, but I will work on a link if it might help.

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