Have you swapped your DSLR for a NEX 6 or 7?

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Re: Have you swapped your DSLR for a NEX 6 or 7?

eths wrote:

Coming from a Nikon FE (an analogue SLR), I have really fallen in love with my Nex-7 (mostly using my old Nikon glass). The biggest plus, for me personally, is the quality of the EVF with the focus assistance features. My main gripes are the Video Button (now mostly fixed in the firmware), the low numbers of high quality E mount lenses and the mediocre AF.

I am currently, seriously thinking about getting a Nikon D600 as a "second" body for my Nikkors because it is full frame and the various reviews I've read indicate that the D600 is "better" in low light/high ISO situations.

This is how I'm set up today except that I have the NEX 6 and sold the 7.   PDAF and low light are big reasons I have the D600 but not the only reasons.  I don't subscribe to the idea that a smaller system is always better.  In certain situations my NEX system is much better and more fun to use but in other situations the D600 is better.  There are times where the extra weight and size mean very little compared to the performance.  It is often portrayed as if you always pay a huge price "lugging around the big old clunky DSLR" but I never feel that way.  That is the beauty of having two systems IMO.  It also allows you to fully appreciate the strengths of each system. I think if I sold my DSLR I might forget how good certain capabilities of the DSLR can be.

If Sony releases a weather sealed full frame NEX with improved on-sensor PDAF in a slightly larger body (I'm probably in the minority here) then I'd consider moving to an all NEX system.   Otherwise I'm happy with two systems.

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