Silent FW Upgrade for K-5

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Re: flash exposure?

Nicols wrote:

Jim in Hudson wrote:

Thanks, Klaus. That makes sense but what had me confounded is I couldn't figure out what the "P" in P-TTL is (to distinguish it from simple TTL) without including distance info as some measure. What is the "P" or is it just a marketing term?

The P stands just for Pentax. The difference to TTL is that the traditional TTL flash control system worked with a special sensor inside the camera that measured the reflections from the film. No pre-flash was needed. When film was substituted by digital sensors, camera makers said that that old system didn't give consistent results. If I remember correctly there was one digital SLR by Pentax that had the old TTL system. P-TTL introduced the preflash, and the Pentax implementation of this system was called P-TTL.

Cheers - Klaus

I think it was the *isd that could still support ttl as well as wireless hss with on-board flash. It would be nice to keep the old ttl support imho as some people always blink with pre-flash.

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