Moving project From One Library to Another

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Re: Moving project From One Library to Another

MMuddler wrote:

My normal operating mode has me using an Aperture Library on an external HD w referenced masters on another set of HDs. On a rare field trip I imported a bunch of photos onto a new library on my MBP HD. What is the most efficient means to move everything from travel library on my MBP HD to my normal library on the external HD . and (perhaps separate move) to relocate the masters to get them out of my MBP HD. Read the Aperture manual and found it confusing and not directly applicable to the task that I face.

Just open you normal Aperture library, choose File -> Import -> Library and select the library on your MBP. Re-organise folders and projects to fit your existing organisation structure in your main library. Finally, select all images from the imported library and relocate (File -> Relocate Original) to the destination of your choice. (That last step could alternatively also be done at the very beginning.)

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