Nex F3 vs 5N

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Nex F3 vs 5N

I was just looking at some options here. I have a short vacation type trip coming up and wanted to not bring DSLRS and tripods as we won't have the time to really take more than snapshots. this is to see family who are all elderly and i'm thinking that dragging in a DSLR kit to take a few pics is going to be to much for them so the little camera is going to be a better choice.

the 5R might be more than I want to pay and there are lots of deals on 5N and 3F3's around

I'm going to want all the toys like sweep pan and the jpg features. I understand the 5R has phase detect focus which I might jump for... if someone tells me it's actually worth it because i'm not sure if this is working with e-mount lenses or only withe the ad A-mount adapters.  It's advertised and hybrid AF so is this a functions that is ready for prime time or not?

I will be buying an adapter for my SR mount lenses which I'm really looking forward to trying  sometime in the future.

Ok so the 3F3 also has a but in flash but I can get a used kit of the older 5N for between 4- 550 bucks that people are selling off recently with the flash and some with accessory mikes and the 16mm fish eye.

I am coming from a long line of 7 series Minolta cameras and an SRT before that. Never shot a video. and shoot mainly in Aperture or manual modes.

I noted some differences between the models that I might find important but I have a feeling the camera compare function isn't accurate on DPR so i'm looking for comment on this as it looks like the 3F3 has more of the jpg functions than the 5 series cameras do and they all have the same sensor, except the 5r supposedly has the PD sensors on the chip (can you tell where they are on the image? as I assume they interpolate over the places that the pixels are used for the AF sensors?)

Listed differences are:

  1. -MPEG4 for video on the 3&3 but not the 5's is this important? there are other diferentces in resolution and frame rates for video... too.
  2. -remote on the 5's but not on the 3F3, does that mean no wired remote either?
  3. in the 3f3 these are listed I think all of this is available on th 5n and 5r though so confirmation would be good
    • Auto Advanced
    • Auto
    • Program
    • Shutter priority
    • Aperture priority
    • Manual
    • Memory Recall
    • Tele Zoom Hi Speed
    • 3D Sweep Panorama
    • Sweep Panorama
    • Anti Motion Blur
    • Picture Effect
    • Scene selection
  4. in the scene modes 6 shot layering is listed as a separate function to handheld twilight mode and was also wondering if this was multi-frame noise reduction (MFNR) found in alpha?
  5. Also do any NEX cameras have the wireless flash control?
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