Buiding A Fast Machine For Panoramic Photo Editing with Photoshop CS6

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Re: Buiding A Fast Machine For Panoramic Photo Editing with Photoshop CS6

Kadoorie wrote:

Anytime I work with more than 3 layers the machine runs very slow. e.g. applying tonal contrast in Color Efex Pro thru CS6 plugin would take more than 8 minutes; whereas with single layer only takes 5 sec. I need to constantly merge layers and which forbid me to go back to work on previous adjustments if I find the result not satisfactory.

When only layer is loaded, the toner change took only 5 sec.

When more than 3 layers are loaded, the same change to one layer took 8 minutes.

Sounds like a memory management problem. Perhaps with single layer, the scratch disc was not used. With multiple layers, the DIMM were too full so the computer have to use the scratch disc. The access time of SDRAM is hundreds time faster than SSD.

I would double the memory. Also, you may consider Single Rank server memory.


Interesting. I have to run your case since mine system and software are similar to yours.

BTW, are you sure your CPU did not hit the temperature limit that its frequency drops by half? What heatsink do you use?

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