Have you swapped your DSLR for a NEX 6 or 7?

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Re: Have you swapped your DSLR for a NEX 6 or 7?

jafary wrote:

I was planning to upgrade from Nikon D90 to D7000 or a rumored D7100, but when the Nex 6 was announced it was the first time I started thinking of using a mirrorless camera. I tried it for few weeks, on vacation and around my city and finally decided to sell the DSLR and most of my lenses. I was looking for a lightweight system with most of DSLR capabilities and the NEX 6 brilliantly does that. What I'm missing today? A good telezoom with fast AF to shoot my college games. The 55-200 is definitely not good at 210mm and it's too slow. I'm also missing the menu system of Nikon. I'm still wondering what Sony engineers were thinking with this non ending Setup menu!? Fortunately there is customizable buttons but I'm still scared every time I need to get into this menu

You might consider checking out your 55-210mm copy, or exchanging it if you're still within the return limits.  You should not be having issues with the IQ at 210mm - the lens is actually quite good at that range.  While not a fast lens aperture-wise, it still should be of optimal image quality capability at the long end of the zoom.  Sony's eMount lenses have had some quality control issues, with some lenses being clearly out-of-alignment or suffering from IQ issues, while others are crystal clear and sharp across the frame.  I haven't heard too many complaints about the 55-210mm in that regard, but it wouldn't surprise me if someone got a lemon version.  It's quite common with the 18-55mm and 16mm lenses to get a bad copy while others get a great copy.

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