A question for the Pro Photographers on this forum.................

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Re: A question for the Pro Photographers on this forum.................

This is a very interesting discussion, with at least two topics. First: what constitutes a pro? Second: What gear does a pro need?

To me the answer to the first question is very simple. A professional photographer is someone who makes a living on photography. But this statement doesn't tell anything about skill or artistry  Sometimes you hear someone say something about professional quality, and probably refers to what you could, or rather should, expect from a pro. But sadly enough not all pros deliver what you could call professional quality. This is not only obvious regarding photograpers, it applies on plumbers or carpenters as well. So don't mix up a pro with professional quality.

I'm trained to be an architect. Years ago.  I have been working as an urban planner all my life. In spite of my education I wouldn't call myself a professional architect, though I have in fact designed a couple of houses to myself and some friends and relatives. But I am a professional planner and urbanist. In that capacity I sometimes write things and do some education and some conference inputs. And when doing that I need photos, for printing in books or magazines or for picture shows, which I take myself and use as part of my profession. Does that make me a pro photographer? I don't think so. But I need good equipment to be able to take the pictures I want for my profession.

Which leads to the second question. What gear do you need? I know a professional photographer who lives mainly on photos for advertizing. He is very skilled, one of the best in my country I would say. He uses a Hasselblad whith 61 mpix I think for his pro work. He travels all over the world doing this. He does a lot of post-processing with 100 layers or so in PS. So he needs the resolution from a big sensor. But when travelling he uses his i-phone. And is family is photographed also mostly with that. But sometimes, when taking a little more ambitious portraits of them, he uses a D300 or D2. So a pro can use equipment all over the scale, which was my point.

As an amateur, I am very satisfied with my OMD.

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