Manual Focus/Aperture Lens on Olympus E-PL1

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Re: Manual Focus/Aperture Lens on Olympus E-PL1

shah123 wrote:

Hi Greynerd, thanks for the samples. I think you just sold me for the 45mm. Unfortunately when I look for the 45mm lenses there are barely any used ones available, and the new ones are pretty expensive. I guess I will have to stick with 50mm. Here is one I am considering. Do you think it will work?

Canon 50mm FD 1.8 SC. Sure, it would work fine for flower photos, You could duplicate greynard's bokeh, etc. The 45mm will show off its superior wide open rendering when you move away from closeups and go for across the image detail. The Canon will need to be stopped down to get the same sharpness.

BTW, I own that lens. The FD is one of the heaviest 50's, but is still good. Almost any other 50mm F1.8 from a major camera maker from that era will give similar results. $30 shipped is an OK price, but you need to add in a $15 adapter.

For interim use, the 50mm is a good stop gap until you can get an AF lens down the road. It will be pretty tight for indoor candids with children, unless you want to fill the frame. I just used my 45mm for some baby shots and was really pleased.

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