Hogan, Camera Critic, abandons long-time hiking partner Nikon DX in wilderness

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Re: Thom has lost the plot.

String wrote:

Well as a long term Nikon user (since the mid 70's), I can tell you that there is a huge weight savings on going to m43. Yep, a 5100 may be close to the same weight (body) as an OM-D, however it's not nearly as durable a build, weatherproof, or has the external controls. Add in a full compliment of glass... You can carry from (35 equiv.) 14mm all the way to 150mm in a tiny bag (and that's an f4, an f2.8 and an f1.8). I can also say that the OM-D has less noise and more DR than my D300, single target focuses faster and I don't stick out like sore thumb when walking down the street.

Of course, it's not a choice for everyone. However since reaching 50, I really don't miss hiking/backpacking/vacationing with 30+ lbs of gear on my back. I can completely understand where Thom is coming from. Are there features/design decisions that I wish it had? Of course the are, just like every other camera I've ever owned.

Oh and btw, if you would actually read Thoms site, you would realize than he doesn't just "get" freebies from Nikon (or anyone else). He buy's them, just like the rest of us. And yes, his opinion's are completely valid; he has more exposure to "gear" than 95% of us and uses it to make a living with. I suspect he knows a substantial amount more regarding photography than do the majority of people on this site.

.....not sure that I'd call a decent D5100 kit large or heavy....I travel with an 18-55, 55-300, 35 prime, SB 400 and a Kenko TC....it is a heck of lot more versatile than my E-PL2 m4/3rds kit was(EVF, FL-300R, 14-42, 40-150, 17mm was badly needed to round out flexibility).

So while I accept that the M5 sensor and EVF are much improved to what I had, I still don't see how it can do anything that even a basic D3100 kit can produce better.....the only compelling option I see in waterproof, which while very nice indeed is not a deal breaker for most....a simple plastic bad tucked into a pocket does the trick.

......the E-PL3 & M5 are nice, but by no measure can I see them as "game changers" .

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