Best selling mirrorless cameras in Japan for 2012

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Re: Thank You for your sincere apologies

itsanewdawn wrote:

YouDidntDidYou wrote:

Quote from Thom Hogan
" What that means long term is that competitors have a chance to blunt the attack. If I’m reading Nikon’s forecasts correctly, it appears as if they think they’ll sell as many of their mirrorless cameras as Olympus or Panasonic within the first six months of its appearance. We’ll see if that’s true. But with a two+ year head start, that’s not what should happen with a truly successful new product category.!"
living life to the Four Thirds!

That post is from the 16th Sep 2011 not the 23rrd as you stated above also there is no mention of a 50% target anywhere on the page from Thom Hogan . You claimed /lied that Thom Hogan had posted the Nikon 1 was supposed to have 50% market share within 6 months.

Here are the only posts made by Thom Hogan on 43rumors on 23rd September 2011, and there is not one mention of this idiotic claim made by Youddidnt . Which frankly isn't a surprise , I wouldn’t trust the posts made on that forum . though this post looks true bottom of the page

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Egotism is the anesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity.

Wow you so clever, get yourself a girlfiend, speaking of 23rd september 2011 (15 months ago) from memory I wasn't too far out 7 days, so where would you trust any posts?
You've made a dpreview profile just to troll micro four thirds, get a life....
So did Nikon 1 do as well as predicted?NO.
It's people like you that make me want to refuse to employ nikon photographers, sometimes I get tempted.

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living life to the Four Thirds!

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