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Re: If I was the nww Olympus CEO

CollBaxter wrote:

Why should Olympus not abandon 4/3 . Well after the stunt they pulled playing the shell game I think the confidence and trust in the company is seriously damaged. Their reputation as a honest company is at rock bottom well maybe better than this time last year but people have long memories. Dropping a whole lot of users is really not going to enamor anyone (Maybe Canon and Nikon) . Olympus is small in South Africa and a lot of people don't know they even make cameras. They also don't know about the rear end inspection stuff as they normally have their eye tightly shuts and don't inspect the manufactures name on the device before insertion. What some of them do know about is the Olympus scandal (We do read the wall street journal and watch the foreign exchanges etc. ) . I do not believe that Olympus can abandon a product and leave people whole have invested money in products high and dry. It will damage to their already tarnished reputation. As some where there will be a small notice/column that would go 'Olympus cuts product line etc.' and being media it would mention stranded users. etc.

As to the CEO thing . Well if I was the CEO of Olympus I would be looking at people who would be spending tens of thousands of dollars on a camera system. It's not uncommon to hear on this forum from the users that are left that have spent $20K-$30K on 4/3 equipment. To replace the stuff I use every day would costs me $15K but in total I recon I have spent about $20K on Olympus or 4/3 products over the years. These are the type of users I would be looking at. And before you go on about the death of 4/3 and no users go and look at the price of a second hand E-5. Actually I pay about the same price for a second hand E-500 ( 8 years old ) than I do for a used pen ( 4 years old). Where do you think the second hand stuff goes. Does Olympus secretly buy it up and trash it.

If I look at the users on the m4/3 forum there are a lot of the basic entry level users many who I would put money on that will not be there in a few years as they have moved off to a new toy. Olympus also has to compete with Panasonic in their own playground and share the market . Companies like Sony and Panasonic have cameras as a division , as the majority of there in income is derived elsewhere. Olympus is a imaging company and it would be a blow to there image and esteem never mind to the long term direction and customer confidence . Lets also look at it this way Olympus was a major DSLR player. Yes some purchased and found the equipment wanting and moved on. A lot of these people have not been kind to Olympus products. Well if we are dumped do you think we will leave singing Olympus praise and recommending any of there products. As much as you say these are the harsh realities . Well so is most of what I wrote above. To keep the few friends I have the last thing I would do at this moment in time is recommend Olympus cameras or any 4/3 - m4/3 product ( I get asked on a weekly basis). If I was the CEO of Olympus I would be worried about some of this stuff. Maybe we will be collateral damage and we have been factored into the equation, time will tell.

Just a though has any one done as survey on the average age of m4/3 users and how many where old OMD users.

IMHO, it's not the market, not the camera, not the technology but Olympus' model for selling FTs that failed. My impression is that Olympus' (and Panasonic Photo's) main market is Japan and SE Asia (if I read their blogger's right) Here in the US they appear to market the larger cities on the two coasts and a few stores that apparently have gone out of their way to carry Olympus. They use to sponsor some tennis matches; however, I remember the Canon/Agasi ad campaign but only Olympus' name on a wall. I remember the glossy inserts that Nikon and Canon placed in USA Today—none from Olympus. In middle USA I think of Olympus as P&S sale cameras sold at odd stores like Staples and Office Depot. Canon and Nikon and Sony market to the world – not so much Olympus and Panasonic Photo divisions.... So the lack of market here is not necessarily a consumer decision as much as disinterest by Olympus in these markets. Howevr, FT's demise, I assume, is due to failure of marketing in their home markets.….. ......  I am disappointed but kick myself for not remembering Oly leaving the film market. …. I personalty do not have $!0K spent on Oly equipment but have invested four years in learning to use what I have and at my age those years are valuable to me...... As I've said elsewhere I'll use what I have for a while, will probably keep mFT for travel (or maybe get the next version of the RX100) and maybe return to P&S with something like a FZ200 for my yard birds, but I'll leave that decision for another day

....and Collin you're right – as a consumer and a photo hobbyist I will remember Olympus for apparently abandoning FTs and it's loyal customers. ( Do you know that you can still buy new film cameras from Canon and Nikon?)

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