Hogan, Camera Critic, abandons long-time hiking partner Nikon DX in wilderness

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Re: Thom has lost the plot.

Shunda77 wrote:

Steve Bingham wrote:

A quote from last week (Thom):

Yet DX is the core of Nikon's interchangeable lens camera sales. No matter how you try to slice it, DX is the volume in that category. Even deeply discounted CX and FX cameras don't change that. Another year of neglect in the DX lineup should create massive concern to Nikon users, so I don't expect one. Still, there seem to be three potential scenarios: (a) DX entries continue to limp along with a D7000 replacement and a lens or two; (b) Nikon freshens the entire DX line and is aggressive about it like they were with FX this year; or (c) DX starts a transition of some sort, to mirrorless or SLT or something a bit different than the current DSLR. (b) is what they should do, (a) is what everyone is expecting them to do, and (c) would be unexpected.
The first opportunities for DX redemption come in the big trade shows in January and February. Last year it was the D4-D800 one-two punch, with two great f/1.8 primes wrapped around it. So we shouldn't have to wait long to get a taste of how much Nikon thinks they have to do with DX.

I would almost put money on the possibility that Thom has some personal grudge against someone from Nikon (or 'someones') and this is him throwing his toys out of the cot. They probably didn't give him a camera (or cameras) for free or something.

He won't go quite far enough to completely alienate all those people buying his guides though, too much money to be made.

If Thom thinks Nikon is getting behind the rest of the APS-C DSLR competition, he is an idiot of profound proportions, Nikon sensors are 1.5 generations ahead of Canon's with no reply from Canon yet in sight.

A Nikon DSLR is a hell of a lot more for the money than some retro styled 4/3rds camera, though it actually (for a change) does have a half decent sensor.

Yet I can still do more with my 'lowly' D5100 and get better image quality, especially for landscapes.

And weight?? 425g vs 555g for the D5200? Please, it's barely worth even mentioning. Four thirds Interchangeable lens cameras are much the same for weight/portability unless you only carry a pancake prime.

Why people worship this guy I have no idea, he is the one losing relevance now, not Nikon.

THe focus system is archaic.

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