Have you swapped your DSLR for a NEX 6 or 7?

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Re: Have you swapped your DSLR for a NEX 6 or 7?

It all comes down to what types of photography you need a camera for, and how frequently or seriously you shoot those types of photography.  A NEX is capable of matching a DSLR's IQ, and in some types of photography, offers no disadvantages and several distinct advantages (namely, size and weight).  In other types of photography, a DSLR is a superior tool and much easier to use with a higher keeper rate.  I personally cannot think of any type of photography that CAN'T be done with a NEX, it's more a matter of whether there are better tools for certain types of photography, that would make it easier, more efficient, or more reliable.  Action and moving subjects are the most obvious category - the NEX can shoot these things in the right hands and with the right skill, but it doesn't mean they are the best tools for this type of job...so if this type of photography is paramount to you, or a significant portion of what you shoot, the NEX or any mirrorless cam is likely not the best pick for quite a few reasons - ergonomics, focus tracking, shooting speed, buffer size, battery life, to name a few.

If a majority of your shooting is scenic, landscape, portrait, macro, or relatively still subjects, a mirrorless camera like the NEX can match a DSLR in IQ, and be just as efficient, fast, and reliable. If you shoot a mix of photographic styles that includes occasional action or moving subjects, the NEX is still a good choice - because that will only be a small percentage of what you shoot, the NEX is capable and you can learn to shoot with it for those few occasions and get good results, just with more effort.

I'm like the others above - I keep a DSLR and a NEX.  I use them sometimes side-by-side, and sometimes I take only the DSLR or only the NEX.  And I have brought the NEX with me sometimes to shoot action and motion in lieu of the DSLR, even knowing the DSLR was the better tool for the job, because I knew I could still get the shots with the NEX by choosing the right settings for the camera and putting some more effort into it, and because the weight savings and portability were simply more important for that day or that shoot.  When I go birding, it's still USUALLY the DSLR that gets the job, but occasionally the NEX comes along as a second body, and sometimes, it stands in for the DSLR.  And though I may occasionally miss a shot I might have gotten with the DSLR, I don't find myself regretting the decision at all - maybe I get 90% of the shots I could have gotten with the DSLR, but at 50% of the weight and bulk...it's a fine tradeoff!

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