Have you swapped your DSLR for a NEX 6 or 7?

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Re: Have you swapped your DSLR for a NEX 6 or 7?

You can't, it is that simple, and always has been.

Forty years ago did you see a sports photographer covering a football or baseball game with a Leica? Of course not, Leica's were made to take photos of stationary items, places, and smiling people.

DSLR's were built for speed not only on athletic fields, but also in studios as models danced and pranced in front of those lenses.

Both can take photos in the realm of the others, but neither can be tops in both arenas.

So if you love to shoot fast moving birds or sports then a NEX is not going to make you happy. At the same time the DSLR's do get heavy on tour buses or on cruise ships and are intimidating to people at parties etc where traditionally in a mechanical camera world the Leica shined and now the NEX reigns almost as well.

As long as you realize a NEX and a DSLR are both mules (having traits of both a horse and a donkey, but not as fast as one or as strong per pound as the other) then choosing one is fine.

However, if you feel you have to have both speed and brevity then most wind up doing what I did.

Eventually you'll wind up owning some form of a DSLR and some smaller camera be it a NEX or if you can live with the lesser capabilities of the 4/3'rds system than an APS-C then they make nice cameras too.

I like having the same sensor in both my cameras thus my A77 and NEX 7 work nicely together in post production settings.

But to say that a NEX will do everything a DSLR will do would be false, but then again a NEX gives you things no DSLR can give you too.

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