5Dmk11 is it still a good intro to FF?

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Re: 5Dmk11 is it still a good intro to FF?

I've used the 1D series, 7D and 5D MKIII for sports and motor sports.  I would say (from practical experience) that the 5D MKIII bests the 7D in auto focus performance in those arenas and performs more closely to the 1D series than the 7D.

Have you used the 7D and 5D MKIII side by side?  If so, what shortcomings did you find that made you feel it couldn't keep up with the 7D?  I've not found any so I'm very curious.


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I do quite a lot of landscape, seascape & architectural photography just for personal pleasure, & was considering a FF like the 5Dmk11. I don't want to go to the mk3 or 1Dx or that kind of expense, but would the mk2 be any improvement on my 7D which is used for fast action car, motorcycle, airplanes & BIF. Am I better just using the cash for better lenses for the 7D? Any opinions appreciated.

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the 5D3 is a good intro to full frame but the AF won't be as good as the 7D especially for sports and BIF. Might want to look at a used 1Ds series (II or III) or the 6D

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