Three Quick Questions vs The Enjoyment of Photography

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Re: Three Quick Questions vs The Enjoyment of Photography

herebefore wrote:

Michael J Davis wrote

Well said, Larry!

I'm trying to keep up with this thread, but as soon as I do something important, like learning LR, it grows...

The other advantage of print is that the quality is independent of format! by which I mean that I can have the same number of dots/pixels/what you will vertically or horizontally! The digital age is being constrained into a wide panorama like viewing the outside world through one's mail slot (or letterbox as we call it here!)

Secondly, digital requires at best 1920 pixels wide - and only 1050 pixels high. So why is everyone making such a fuss about pixel peeking? unless they are digital zooming - a properly framed shot in the camera will have at least 4 pixels squeezed into one... or 8 and more if it's presented in 'portrait mode'.

So now my best pictures (as always) are those I can print. My Digital output consists in that stuff that doesn't quite pass muster...

A happy New Year to y'all!


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Mike Davis
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Yes.... I do remember thinking, when HD TV was making its debut... 1920x1080??? That's only 2 MP!.

Granted, it was a GREAT step for television, but it didn't challenge photography much...

(its also the reason Phone camera shots can look good on the screen..)

I have many, many shots that really look good on the computer screen, but I filed them in a folder named "Oh rats!".

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Larry Lynch
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Years ago, when I was selling cameras and as a result advising people on how to improve their photography, I would regularly have people wonder why a Kodachrome that looked great when projected made for a dreary print. I would explain that the projected slide looked so great because it used transmitted light to create the image, while the print used reflected light. Some would grasp it, some wouldn't.

So, the failure to understand how photos should be process for print is not new to digital.

I regularly encounter people who don't realize that that great looking, monitor filling image will print out at a native 4x6 or 9x12 inch print. Then they order a larger print, without proper resizing, and wonder why it looks bad. Or overdo the noise reduction and end up with a print that looks like CGI. The list can be long...

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Some people operate cameras. Others use them to create images. There is a difference.

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