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Not really an answer to your question about upgrading via firmware, but I can share you my (short) experience with the 6Ds focus. Had the oportunity to make some pictures with a 6D during Xmas. None of the Canon DSLRs I've owned had been able to focus so consistent with my 100-400 as the 6D did. Repeated some shots 4-5 times to check consistency and every picture was dead on. My 7D handles most of my lenses almost perfect, except for the 100-400 at longer focal length and the 6D clearly did better here.

I've used the 6D with centre focus point only in single shot mode only, no focus tracking.

Regards, Sandor.

Are you refering to nailing the focus in the spot? the 7D is weaker?

Sorry for the late response, but yes, my 7D is weaker at this point combined with the 100-400. That combination is not reliable at all at focal length beyond 300mm, except for high contrast subjects (but still then). All other combinations I use are far more reliable when it comes to focus and in fact proven to be excellent, especially since the FW 2 upgrade.

Regards, Sandor.

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