Nex 5R significantly underexposing: 1.5 stops!

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gwlaw99 Senior Member • Posts: 1,113
Re: Nex 5R significantly underexposing: 1.5 stops!

raminolta wrote:

I actually think the camera did a decent job in the snowy scene. It avoided clipping the highlights and I doubt it could be any better. It's just the indoor shots under the artificial light which don't get properly exposed by a huge margin. I know cameras may tend to underexpose under these conditions though I have had cameras which weren't this much off the correct exposure and were doing a better job. So my prior expectation was higher.

I think I will wait more to see how it performs in other lighting conditions before sending it for a service. It looks like it's just the way Sony has programmed these cameras.

Try taking an photo of a pure white sheet in the same light in aperture priority mode.  Set exposure compensation to +2.  If the exposure looks good then there is no problem with the camera.

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