Three Quick Questions vs The Enjoyment of Photography

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Re: Three Quick Questions vs The Enjoyment of Photography

Michael J Davis wrote

Well said, Larry!

I'm trying to keep up with this thread, but as soon as I do something important, like learning LR, it grows...

The other advantage of print is that the quality is independent of format! by which I mean that I can have the same number of dots/pixels/what you will vertically or horizontally! The digital age is being constrained into a wide panorama like viewing the outside world through one's mail slot (or letterbox as we call it here!)

Secondly, digital requires at best 1920 pixels wide - and only 1050 pixels high. So why is everyone making such a fuss about pixel peeking? unless they are digital zooming - a properly framed shot in the camera will have at least 4 pixels squeezed into one... or 8 and more if it's presented in 'portrait mode'.

So now my best pictures (as always) are those I can print. My Digital output consists in that stuff that doesn't quite pass muster...

A happy New Year to y'all!


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Mike Davis
Photographing the public for over 50 years

Yes.... I do remember thinking, when HD TV was making its debut... 1920x1080??? That's only 2 MP!.

Granted, it was a GREAT step for television, but it didn't challenge photography much...

(its also the reason Phone camera shots can look good on the screen..)

I have many, many shots that really look good on the computer screen, but I filed them in a folder named "Oh rats!".

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Larry Lynch
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