Going to 6D from the original 5D

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Re: Going to 6D from the original 5D

I've got mine just before Christmas. Coming from the 5D, it's an all around upgrade. Like you I couldn't find one around locally to try out so I had to just go on what everyone here and the reviews were discussing. I was a little worried it wouldn't feel as solid as the 5D and/or feel like my 20d, but those thoughts quickly faded after taking it out of the box and holding it. It's lighter than the 5D and a little smaller but not that much. It's not tiny like a Rebel and it's bigger than my 20d. The grip is a little smaller and shaped different, but that's really the only big difference. I kind of like it. The button layout on the back is different of course - I think a little better and simplified. The zoom button and dial take some getting used to. I do miss to the joystick of the 5D but I guess it's a comprise. The only negative that I could find. Everything else has been amazing. It's faster all around. Faster focus, frame rate, and card writing. The low light focusing and high ISO are just amazing, which is the main reason I upgraded. I'm really having a joy taking pictures in such low light and where the 5D couldn't dare go.

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