Anyone own BOTH an X100 and X-E1?? Which do/did you prefer???

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Ezra R Senior Member • Posts: 2,275
Owned both, sent X-E1 back to store....

Truth is, either camera takes *superb* photos. But, having owned both, I returned the X-E1.

For me (and your mileage may vary), unless I needed equiv focal length of 100mm or more, the X100 was fine. Crops from X100 are quite good, even printed up to 8x10, and I rarely print larger than this. Ergo, shooting with its lens, I was able to crop nicely with very limited image pixelation/noise, though I rarely crop more than 25%. A sample image of mine along with its ~50% crop appears below...

The X-E1 had its strong suits and the images were lovely(!), but in the end, I was using the 35/1.4 (50mm equiv) lens most of the time which I found too tight for my indoor shooting or not ideal for street shots.

Again, EITHER camera will produce stunning IQ and color rendition, but it comes down to preference and lens need. I'm very curious abotu the potential "X200"...

X-E1 + 35/1.4

X100. Full image, no crop; resized for web

X100. 50% crop

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