Zeiss 15mm is the new Bokeh Queen!?

Started Jan 1, 2013 | Discussions thread
Jonathan Siegel Regular Member • Posts: 499
Re: Zeiss 15mm is the new Bokeh Queen!? sharpness moreso than bokeh

As someone who eats bokeh for breakfast as part of a daily balanced diet, I'll throw in my two cents. There is no good or bad bokeh. It is all a matter of personal taste. I view bokeh the same way an artist views the stroke of a paint brush. Everyone has their own style and technique, and every lens has it's own way of rendering bokeh. While one person might look at a photo with a 5-sided angular lens flare with wobbly bokeh in the background as harsh and awful, others might view it as gorgeous and tasteful. There is certainly smooth bokeh that renders backgrounds as a sort of wash, but there are also lenses that render light donuts and this can make for a very unique characteristic in the right shot.

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