Memory and other upgrades for photo editing

Started Dec 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: I strongly disagree. I'd upgrade them, given past symptoms

MrScary wrote:

Mike-I'm Puzzeled...Why have you got 7 files or more open at same time. Those are large files.

Always perplexed as to why anyone needs more than 3 open at once. WHY??

Just testing the new memory. I wanted to be sure that I could get above 8 GB of memory in use. The only ways I could think to do that were to start lots of high-memory apps and load lots of raw images. That eventually drove my memory use to about 8.25 GB.

So I was just testing to see what happened on my system when my memory usage was very high. Did the system perform properly given that it was now supporting 16 GB of RAM.

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