Three Quick Questions vs The Enjoyment of Photography

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Re: Three Quick Questions vs The Enjoyment of Photography

Detail Man wrote:

richarddd wrote:

For the E-M5, you are better off increasing ISO in camera than increasing in post, subject to a few conditions. See for example From what I've read, this would not be true for current Nikon DSLRs.

I don't see where you got that idea. Look:

Shooting at ISO=800 vs. ISO=400 you lose a full 0.60 EV in Dynamic Range while at the same time losing a full 1.04 EV in available highlight headroom. At that point, why would one bother (simply to be able to increase Shutter Speed by 0.88 "stop") ?

Consider and

Knowing this seems more valuable for an E-M5 user than knowing whether "exposure" includes ISO.

Why is it better to know how to decrease Dynamic Range than to increase Signal/Noise Ratio ?

It's more valuable to know the techniques that are likely to produce the best image than to debate definitions

I like technical information, both for its own sake and to aid in taking pictures. Problems arise when technical info is used to play gotcha games.

I think when other people know more than oneself, they should be gratefully thanked for assisting.

Providing useful technical information is helpful. Playing gotcha games over definitions is not, especially if you are debating dictionary meanings versus common usage.

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