Sixty-two known RX1s... a report

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Like Kicking out Candice Swanepoel because she has a mole on her rear end

I have been following these threads (RX-1) with much interest.  Guess what, I have a Summilux 50 f1.4 and my aperture blades don't look "perfectly symmetric and round" as there is some distortion when looking through the barrel.

I understand the dust thing, but come on guys, this really getting absurd.

First, NOTHING is perfect, no matter how much you pay.  In my opinion the Summilux 50 F1.4 may be the most perfect lens ever made, but, the M9 to which it is attached is by no means the most perfect camera ever made but I love it.

Having had the pleasure of shooting with a friends RX-1 I was, to say the least, amazed.  This is one special camera and IMHO, is the best of its kind (although one of the only of its kind).  I ordered mine, looked through the lens, saw the aperture blades as it should be and am having a blast with it.

I am not trying to be condescending here and I understand when one buys an expensive camera of this type, they want perfection, but much of what is being perceived is perception and not defects in design.  I am sure, Sony, like others, will tell you what you want to hear to avoid and contain any kind of a press disaster, but I can't say, what I am seeing or being described, with few exceptions is a "defect".

While I have been waiting comfortably with my M9+Summilux 50 F1.4, for the new M10 body to be released, I will be honest as I am now thinking of selling the M9+Summilux and just sticking with the RX-1, that is how good I think it is.

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