E-P3 vs E-pm5, pro photog buying a gift

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Re: E-P3 vs E-pm5, pro photog buying a gift

I've had the om-d for about a month now, fantastic camera.  I wanted something a bit smaller, but one of my requirements was to have a viewfinder.  My wife has gone to Melbourne to visit family, told her she could take my om-d, but secretly got her the e-pl5 for Christmas so she has that.  It's enough smaller than the om-d to be just that little bit more easily carried.

It is probably worth it to go to the better sensor of the e-pl5 over the e-p3.  Yes, this is the same sensor as the om-d.

I use the tilt screen a lot more than I thought I would and the viewfinder a lot less.  But I like to have both.  The e-pl5 has the same tilt screen as the om-d.  It's really quite useful, especially the touch focus and shoot.  There is an add-on evf for the e-pl5, but then you start creeping up in size, and cost.

The e-pl5 with the 14-42 kit lens isn't really what you would call small, well, not like the small sensor compacts anyway.  But I think it's manageable, my wife seems happy with it.  If you want smaller then Panasonic have a 14-42 pancake lens, I'm not sure how good the quality is though.  I would think that your brother would like the convenience of a zoom rather than primes.  The best all round zoom is the Panasonic 12-35/f2.8, but then you are spending serious money and it's not a small lens either.  The 14-42 kit lens is very slow 3.5 to 5.6.  The better iso performance of the e-pl5 makes up somewhat for the slowness of the lens though, another reason to go for it over the e-p3.  The Pany 20mm/f1.7 is a great lens and is small.


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