Going to 6D from the original 5D

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Re: Going to 6D from the original 5D

I did the upgrade and it's everything I've ever dreamed of - smaller, lighter, better ergonomics, SD card use (they're just as trustworthy), better low light (by a HEAP), better AF, MUCH better screen etc.
Both wheels are still present, the zoom function is different but faster, the top buttons only do one function rather than two (but you only lose WB and Flash Exposure Compensation - both which you can access via the quick menu which is actually reasonably quick).
It has a silent shutter feature which can be really useful. Umm.. the little 8 way nub thing is replaced by an 8 way controller in the middle of the scroll wheel - personally I find it better and easier to use, it's great for menu navigation and better for image navigation (and doesn't get in the way of the scrolling function).
Manual mode is exactly the same - shutter speed on the top dial and aperture on the bottom dial
The DOF button is still there, albeit in a slightly less convenient spot (for me personally).
The ergonomics are TO DIE FOR, personally anyway, I can hang the camera off 3 fingers and swing it, and I still have a firm grip (my 5D requires all 5 fingers all the time), not that it's necessary but still a testament to its grip!
Are there any other features you're concerned about?

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