Have you swapped your DSLR for a NEX 6 or 7?

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Keith: PDAF sensors on S. bodies - native or adapted

Keit ll wrote:

In the meantime I literally have just got an LA EA2 adapter for the NEX 7 ( 7:30am ) & don`t yet know how much of a limitation the lack of IS will turn out to be. I have quite a few Minolta lenses but don`t know which will get the most use. This a compromise solution which I have hesitated over for some time but I finally took the plunge after a few drinks at Xmas when I found it for £ 179

  • EA2 is perhaps a good option if one already has several A-mount lenses; for me it is different as with about 30 EF-mount lenses I've very little incentive to look for something of comparable IQ (many gaps in S/MK lines of glass);
  • moreover, EA2 offers an entry level PDAF performance, and it has almost no cross-type sensors, and FPs are clustered rather too tightly in a center; the center-crowding of FPs seems a trademark of S's lenes though, both C. & N. do it differently at least in a higher end bodies: at least until a99 as I didn't check this one out yet

it would be of quite an interest should you compare your experiences between EA2 ​vs. ​a900, esp. paying attention to the performance on the other than just the center FPs, and speed/accuracy btw. them


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