Three Quick Questions vs The Enjoyment of Photography

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Re: Three Quick Questions vs The Enjoyment of Photography

CharlesB58 wrote:

LOL GB, you should look up the definition of "obtuse".

For a minute, I thought you wrote "abuse". Wonder why I thought that. No matter...

I didn't say the technical didn't matter: I said you belabor a point that not everyone takes as seriously as you do.

As I said elsewhere in this thread, some could really care less whether the Earth revolved about the Sun, or the other way around.

So what do you do?

You start a whole new thread with the potential of belaboring the point, but which I think is really an attempt to defend yourself against criticism that you can't handle.

Charles, I can handle criticism just fine. But when it's phrased in the following form:

For instance: I've reached the conclusion that your "3 quick questions" directed to me were less about learning my point of view or opening up mutual dialog as much as simply a way for you to set the stage for your own efforts at showing us all your depth of knowledge. If that's the case, you're simply patronizing people here.

why are you surprised that I'd respond with a new thread when the other was filled so that I could not respond there?

You see, you have committed 3 of the many Fundamental Acts of Trolling:

1. You twist my statements through partial quotes and disregarding what was actually said.

2. You infer meanings I never made.

3. You exaggerate or fictionalize the emotional content of my statements.

Ah -- the "troll card" when called out.  Where have I seen that a million times before?  I'll go with the quoted section of your post above, and the tone of the post as a whole, which, not suprisingly, did not go unnoticed by a few in this thread.

So you have started an entire thread to try to take me to task personally, but not so cleverly trying to make it look like you are asking "innocent" questions.

So, Charles, is "exposure" in the mind of the beholder, or does it have a particular definition/meaning? If the latter, does it mean "brightness", or something else? Does it have anything to do with the photo? If so, what, exactly?


Well, the bait was the post I replied to in my OP.  As for "trolls", well, I guess you seem to think that those who take the bait are the trolls.  Another problem with definitions, I guess.

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