E-P3 vs E-pm5, pro photog buying a gift

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Re: E-P3 vs E-pm5, pro photog buying a gift

Thanks! That's a quite well written response.

For his uses, everything will be shot raw+jpeg, most of the images will go straight to archives, but he has an Epson r2000 and likes printing big 13x19 photos, while he doesn't really care as much as me about quality of them (he has printed cameraphone photos that big... sad stuff), I'd rather give him something he'll be happy with the shots from, and something he has the option of reprocessing later if the WB is very off, etc. My little fuji x100 makes amazing prints at 13x19 when I put some effort into it, so megapixel count didn't worry me much. As for usage, mostly stuff along the road, mostly day, almost all outdoors, lots of hiking, he's avoiding the cities. Smallest possible setup is what I'd like for him, otherwise it'll end up being replaced often by a cameraphone (which is why superzooms are out of the question). By the way I own a Sony rx100 and it's just not that fast to work with, and I've already had the lens extensions jam up with dirt and the whole thing just dies, so cameras like that I'm not considering anymore.

But thank you, the case for the epl5 is getting kinda strong. I know a local place selling the e-p3 body only for $350, which is what's so tempting, as the epl5 body is $570. I was also thinking build quality, I have read much about the e-p3 being built better, feeling less plasticy, which is good for never being in a bag and being dinged around. Performance wise (AF, metering, shoot speed, etc) is there anything at all the e-p3 has going for it over the e-pl5?

I was already looking at the 40-150, glad to hear you like it, I think 300mm equiv is enough for a casual user. Yes I know all the focal length equivalencies, thanks though. I was hoping for something in the 35mm equiv range, as he's borrowed my fuji x100 which has a permanent 35mm equiv lens and he loved it, saying only he wished he had something really long for the times he say wildlife or things in the distance, for the non long tele range I definitely don't want a zoom of any kind. I'll be recommending the 9-18mm for sure, but that'll be his choice and money to spend, not sure how interested he is in super wide.

Sabine! Excellent images! I work exclusively with guys using 5dm3's, d800s, and medium format stuff, I don't stop very often and see the excellent work done with omd's and such cameras, was a joy to go through, now I'm thinking about an omd as a small personal cam...

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