Three Quick Questions vs The Enjoyment of Photography

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Re: Three Quick Questions vs The Enjoyment of Photography

Great Bustard wrote:

If I'm not mistaken, this is a technical forum, is it not? Wjy so snippy on a discussion of the technical matters of photography? There are other forums to discuss the artistic end in, not that one cannot do that in this forum, but to chastize me for discussing a technical point in a technical forum, well ...

As far as I am concerned, my own "emotional responses" to images having a higher Signal/Noise Ratio are more positive than my "emotional responses" to images having a lower Signal/Noise Ratio.

GB (from my personal "emotional perspective") is an accomplished photographer. There is no mathematical equation for "artistic adeptness". A photographer could be a technical genius, but others may not find their personal "emotional responses" tickled. So what ? That "cuts both ways".

To say that differences between "exposure" and "brightness" matter not is to say that image Signal/Noise Ratio matters not. That's fine, I suppose. Some people really do like "grainy" images ...

The Zone System surely makes a lot more sense as a mode of reasoning when one is struggling with a specifically limited Dynamic Range, Signal/Noise Ratio, and a specific non-linear transfer-function where the mid-tones absolutely must be properly "squeezed in" between the "shoulder" and the "toe" - but it becomes a lot less relevant and seemingly a lot more arbitrary in the age of linear-response digital image-capture with increasingly high Dynamic Ranges and Signal/Noise Ratios available to the user - available, that is, if the user understands what it is that they are actually doing ...

(Besides), what does the "Zone System" have to do with "emotional responses" - except where specific technical realities regarding photographing with film as a medium are concerned ? ...

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