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Christopher D Mann wrote:

Merry Christmas everyone, My wife really surprised me today. Today is my 50th birthday and she knows that I have been wanting one of the Einstein flash strobes for some time know. Well I was very surprised this morning when I received it for a present. She is pretty cool to do this or me. I'm a really lucky guy. I also wanted to know if anyone has used the power tracking feature with the PW Mini TT1 or Flex TT5 units and this flash. Looks like it would make things very simple. Thanks.

A very nice wife indeed! You will love your new Einstein. I use them exclusively in my commercial and personal work. I was a 'former' PW user, but I have sold all of my PW gear because I was very unhappy with the lack of performance. I had originally purchased them to use for both my Canon Speed Lights and my Einsteins.

I only use Paul's CyberCommander units now. I would suggest you purchase his CyberCommander along with his CyberSync Transceiver that plugs directly into the Einstein unit. You can then control everything but channel from the CyberCommander. Since you only have one unit (right now!) it may not be a big deal for you to walk over to your Einstein to adjust settings. But if you have the light high, or out of reach you will find the time savings and convenience of controlling everything from the unit remarkable. Although you can place the CyberCommander on the hotshoe of your camera, I would suggest also getting his CyberSync Trigger Transmitter. It's much smaller than the CyberCommander and I prefer it on my camera.

It's also so convenient to be able to meter your Einstein right from the CyberCommander. I have a Sekonic 358 I use for those times when I am not using Einsteins and have calibrated both units to match readings.

One of the absolute strongest aspects of his Einsteins is the stopping power of his short flash duration. I shoot quite a bit of dance as well as Cirque du Soleil performers and having the ability to freeze action is paramount for those sessions. Combining the short flash duration with remarkable recycle times is just stunning.

Have a great time experimenting and using your new strobe!



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