Again sorry Seville part 2 (OMD VIDEO)

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Re: Gaston, some points and tips?


I have noted that the OMD produces mov files in the 16-235 colour space, what this means is that you need to be very careful with how you deal with them, some editors can cope others change the levels to rgb or something when you insert them on the timeline. I notice you use auto exposure on all your clips, which I dont like btw but thats your choice!, (exposure changes that are obvious are not desirable?) But more importantly the burnt skies and exposure clipping is indicative of the 16-235 being forced to 0-255. It is difficult to get anything low-end editors to deal with these clips if I'm honest but there are some workarounds eg mpeg streamclip ingests the files perfectly and kicks them out as mov with improved levels that when imported into most editors looks more accurate.

The one element I thought worked well was the slow motion pan near the start, what did you use to produce that, my pans with the om-d when slowed look very stuttery! nice work anyway and a nice city tour.

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