Let's talk about the rgb sensitivity in raw.

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Re: in this case only one variable is changed, exposure

Say that one could have arbitrarily high color*) accuracy (cfa-less camera, prefiltered by an expensive color-wheel featuring well-defined passbands at e.g. 5nm steps, perfectly stationary scene). What are the real-world benefits that can be had over standard Canon/Nikon/... offerings? Is it possible to make a realistic side-by-side where the "perfect color" camera really shines compared to the commercially successful camera, or is this mostly nit-picking and theoretical worries?

When I occasionally have a hard time getting credible colors (particularly saturated red clothing) in my consumer setup of profiled camera, profiled/calibrated display, manufacturer supplied profiled printer/paper, can this be due to poor choice of filter charateristics in my camera, or is it more likely something else?

*)As in "wavelength of light"

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