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Re: Pussy footing.

I'm not saying that the overall IQ from a 4/3 system is necessarily better than that from m/43. Myself I've chosen to stick w/ 4/3, because firstly I have a considerable investment in native 4/3 lenses (35 macro, 14-54, 50-200 SWD, 7-14, 14-35, 35-100, 90-250, EC-20, EX-25), and secondly the handling of such lenses require something else than a tiny m4/3 body. Besides that I kinda need the ruggedness and sealing of the E-5 and the HG/SHG glass, due to activities like mountaineering, kayaking, and all-weather outdoor photography in general. You know, pouring rain, water splashing, fog, freezing cold, sand, dust, dirt... Nothing beats the E-5 and HG/SHG there!

I surely realize that the sensor tech in m4/3 is way better than the old Pana sensor in the E-5, and thus partly making up for the inferior m4/3 glass. Should an E-7 (not likely anymore) or a rugged PDAF compatible pro m4/3 body emerge, I'll bite immediately. I just hope the EVF (or maybe a hybrid OVF/EVF) will be better than those as of now, and that the battery capacity will be as good as in an OVF-based DSLR.

So all I'm actually saying is that the best solution will always be to have the best possible sensor tech combined with the best possible lenses! It would be somehow sad to see the improved sensor performance being negated by sub par optics, as the tendency is right now. Hence I hope for better m4/3 lenses to come (HG/SHG equivalents), in addition to the current compact SG products of today. And of course support for the supreme native 4/3 lenses. That will leave the m4/3 users with a choice‚Äč, both for smaller bulk, weight and portability, or for maximized IQ if preferred.

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