Some ZS 19 tests and the hazards of testing

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Re: Some ZS 19 tests and the hazards of testing

Erik Ohlson wrote:

I decide to see what the effects of Wide Vs Narrow apertures would do. These are all straight OOC, just cropped from full wide shots. Note the power tower on the hilltop to the left of the big tree - about 1/2 mile away.

I set the ISO to 100, but the camera decided differently, I don't know why.

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Erik re the overide by the camera on the ISO noticed this reading the manual tonight when I couldn't sleep. PG 101

"‚óŹEven if [Sensitivity] is set to [100], when [i.Exposure] is activated, pictures may be taken
   at a higher ISO Sensitivity than the setting. "

Could that be the reason.

P.S. This may have been discussed already, thread to long to reread all msgs again.

I just got this camera on Dec 27th after initially buying a Canon sx260 which I was not happy with. The HD video this camera takes is amazing. I have a Canon s95 but wanted something with more zoom for traveling and general closer zoom shots. The one option I would love for this camera is ability to shoot in RAW which I need when taking shots of my wife's art as I always need to fine tune the colours and WB

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