Have you swapped your DSLR for a NEX 6 or 7?

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Hans vdC
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Re: Have you swapped your DSLR for a NEX 6 or 7?

Swapped no, but I do use my NEX6 a lot more then my Canon 7D. I haven't sold my Canon because I do some paid photowork like weddings where the advantages of a SLR are still more important than the disadvantages (read:weight). I also have a lens collection specific for this kind of shooting, which is at this time not possible with the NEX. And no matter what you think of it, I don't think any professional photographer is at this time willing to show up with a camera that 'looks like a P&S' to do paid work. I also do a lot if indoor/low light stuff so I'm even considering to treat myself with a Canon 5D Mark III. But this is even more so because the gap betweem my NEX and Canon gear will be even bigger.

I love the NEX6 to take on family outings and vacations. I was really fed-up taking my heavy SLR gear on vacation. It always make me look and feel way too much like a 'pro' which also in some situations ends up in people being kinda opposed to having their picture taken. With a smaller camera like the NEX this tends to be a lot less of a problem. In a few months I'm going to South-Africa and while I think I'll be taking my SLR gear 'just in case', I'm pretty sure my NEX6 with Zeiss will be the most used over there.

Frankly, if you don't need the very fast AF of a SLR or the extensive lens-selection or advanced flash setups, then a mirrorless camera like the NEX6 is really a very nice substitution.

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