A bit of goodbye

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A bit of goodbye


got my D800 yesterday, so it is time to retire my DP1.

My first images with the D800 were absolutely abysmal - which I somehow expected. Yet I hoped that reality wouldn't be that harsh... well it is and I have to improve my technique a *LOT* to harness what this camera is able to produce. Right now I am uttely unable to cope with it. But I know that this gear is divine, it is me who sucks! It is pretty funny that right now I am able to create better images using some 150€ tool than with a 2400€ equipment (D800 + 50mm lens) but it also means that there is a long road ahead of me and that thought makes me happy. (I can still remember how hopeless I felt when I took the first images with the DP1 so this will improve over time.)

During the last three years I saved every Euro possible... no holiday trips, my computer is broken, my television is antique, my car is a piece of junk but hey!, I got my new camera ("precioussssss"). Initially I saved for a 5DM2 + 17-40, but when the SD1 was announced I was sooo happy and soooo ready to get one... 15MP of Fovoen goddess!!! yiihaaa!... and then Sigma slapped my face - hard! (yes Sigma, I am still taking this personally!). Thus I waited for something else... and Nikon delivered. Sure Sigma somehow made up for this SD1 debacle by releasing the SD1M and DP2M, but for me the ship has sailed. I *know* that the D800 will give me much more room to improve as a photographer than the DP2M or DP1M will ever do and I am willing to pay a lot of money for a debatable improvement (once I got to know how to use the D800) in image quality. (Could we please just skip another discussion about technical pros and cons in this thread? We have plenty of other threads about that. Thank you!)

So, I don't really expect to produce any Foveon images worthy of posting anymore... maybe I will even sell my DP1 gear.

So thank you Sigma for the DP1 which familiarized my with the gorgeous world of photography. Thank you for the DP1 which made me wait for sunrises at -20°C or sunsets on top of a mountain and giving me my number one hobby for the rest of my life!

I will still look at this forum because there are many very capable photographers in here and despite all the quarrel, this forum shows much stonger images then for example the Nikon FX forum.



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