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Re: If I was the nww Olympus CEO

I think the group of Oly 4/3 diehards is too small to have influence. I do feel abandoned by Oly but in fact I think it was the market (users), which abandoned Olympus (I do not blame the market of course). If the sales were on the adequate level (enough to make the profit) they would probably keep on the production.

They will eventually release a hybrid camera (no question) and officially say it is fully supporting SHG lenses (this is their way to fix the loyalty issue). Whether it would be to your and mine satisfaction or not, it doesn’t really matter, marketing wise they will be done. Most 43 users will be more than happy, as they already are quite happy with OMD (many are saying SHG’s are not a problem on OMD).

I will be very, very surprised if they release 43 camera. In fact I will be less surprised if they start FF system. They may do it just to have a pro equipment producer image and the FF lenses they will probably produce for Sony anyway.

My strategy for now is:

-        do not buy any new/used Olympus lenses no matter how tempting is the price

-        continue slow research on Canikon – find out what I really need

-        no decision before middle 2013 (probably in the end of 2013)

-        shoot like hell  with the current equipment.

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