How to focus multiple faces with 35mm 1.8G

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Re: How to focus multiple faces with 35mm 1.8G

Sajay wrote:

I'm relatively new to and trying to get my head around many concepts so please ignore if my question is stupid.

I wanted to take a family portrait but wasn't able to get all faces in focus. The one issue is that I do not have too much light the room and is an indoor setup.

What f-stop/ISO/focus etc would you recommend. Not sure how the D90 actually managed to pic the focus point. Any help or pointers to articles etc would be really appreciated.

To get everyone in focus, you need to close down the aperture. F/1.8 is pretty large and so not much depth will be in focus. But if it is dark, then the shutter speed might be too slow, leading to blur due to camera shake, or the ISO sensitivity might be too high, leading to a noisy, grainy final image. More light is definitely important for this, although if you put the camera on a tripod or a stable surface, and if everyone remains motionless during the exposure, you might be able to pull this off.

It is possible to calculate the needed aperture setting for this sort of thing. See this online calculator:

This will give you a rough idea about what aperture setting you can use.

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