Hows that Zeiss 16-80 lens?

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Re: Hows that Zeiss 16-80 lens?

Harry Lew wrote:

I concur with the comments about high image quality, but with dubious build quality.

And, to be repetitive, is my whole expenience with the lens.  I think the images mine has taken have been some of the sharpest and most colour-accurate that I have taken since 1958 when I first stated taking pictures.  I have had other lenses... prime ones... that could probably beat it at ONE focal length, but not at in that range.  The difference is not obvious at normal picture print size, and barely perceivable when you pixel-peep.  But, those lenses are sure one hell of a lot more robust!

I just wish they had put the quality of materials into the more delicate parts of its construction that the lens warranted! I would give Sony a 9.5 out of 10 for its Image Quality, but only 2 out of 10 for how they built MY particular lens.  Others of you may have had different results.  I was not so lucky, and I feel Sony did a horrid job of supporting me or the lens.  I feel, considering it is kind of a Landmark Lens, Sony should upgrade the parts, and repair those that have died... even if they offered to charge $250 per lens to make all of them "up to what they should be", I don't believe they would LOSE money on that kind of an offer.

But, I really do know they won't.

I chatted with the person on the desk at Sony Canada in Coquitlam when I took in my 16-105, and she said that they never noticed a inordinate number of people having problems with the 16-80, so I really don't know.  Maybe she was "Talking The Party Line", but I don't know that she was one way of the other.  I am just disappointed that Sony just said they would sell me a new lens for $669, about $20 more than I paid for mine in the first place.  Oh, well.  It still galls me when I think of it, as you can probably tell.

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