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kyep10 wrote:

when shooting in raw, what settings should i be shooting in, for example should my white balance and image effects buttons be on auto or should they be set a certain way to capture the best photos? when shooting portraits, should i shoot in manual mode or in portrait mode to get the best photos? and when should A-DEP mode be used? i hear that shooting in manual is the way to go and that i should be leaving the auto modes alone.

I find it very helpful to set the white balance on the camera manually, either by using one of the standard white balance settings (such as daylight or incandescent) or by setting the white balance with a neutral target — although now I’ve got enough experience to be able to select the white balance after the fact. This makes it a bit easier and faster once I get the image on the computer.

The various scene modes, such as portrait and sports, are useful for beginners, although experience and knowledge make such modes less useful, and high-end cameras usually omit these.

I don’t have A-DEP on my camera, but it does appear to be useful, but may give you problems because the camera will often select a slow shutter speed with this.

Shooting in full manual mode is usually unnecessary (although I do use it on occasion) and can lead to frustration due to bad exposure. I would rather use an automatic mode and learn about how to use exposure compensation.

Once you get really good at photography, the camera will become something like an extension of yourself. You eventually should be able to set the most important settings by feel alone, not having to even look at the camera. Also, you will know ahead of time what settings to use.

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