A dilemma: Nikon D600 vs Fuji X-Pro 1

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Re: X-Pro1 vs D600 - Own both

Agreed. They are such diffrent cameras, and require very diffrent technique to use.

For X-Pro 1, it's mandatory to zone focus when getting into a fast moving situation, where the subject is in about 3-6 feet away, Where d600 will just snap on. For subjects farther away, and in decent light, I've never had any difficulty with AF.

Also, you will be shooting with primes most of the time, at least for now. So consider that.

I think Fuji shines on landscape and portraits, and for any leisure shooting. However doing events gets tricky sometimes. It's kind of a one trick pony, but the trick is so good you just want to see it again and again. In other words, Fuji has to fit your style of shooting. It gets you involved, and doesn't fit for any type of action.

So if you want verstility, get both. If you want an all around good camera, get a Nikon. If you definetaly know that most of the time you shoot landscapes or people or street, Fuji is a decent performer, and super duper sharp with pretty high dynamic Range, and superb color reproduction.

I'm sticing to my X-pro 1, for now. And I will be getting either d7000 or 7d body for video only this year.

Also, Nex 5n and d600 is a nice combo. Sonys mirrorless cams are very good performers if you want something to go in your pocket.

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