Hogan, Camera Critic, abandons long-time hiking partner Nikon DX in wilderness

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Re: Not sure I agree, Mosswings

Steve Bingham wrote:

Not sure I agree, Mosswings (whoever you really are). I have had conversations with Thom (email) and he is again very disgruntled with Nikon. On the other hand he has been dedicating a LOT of ink to the upcoming DX offerings in Q1. The Olympus has one glaring fault - electronic viewfinder/slow focusing. Hey, if you can live with that . . . and the fact that it is NOT a true system camera (with a full compliment of lenses to match), go for it. Me, I shall see what Nikon has to offer in the next month or so.

Oh yeah, and about all those Nikon books he wrote, mostly DX. Burn them? I think NOT. How come all this hostility towards the Nikon DX format on THIS DX forum????????
Steve Bingham

Oh, for heavens sakes, folks, did anyone happen to notice that I was writing a satirical piece based on Thom's post? This was intended to be a laugh and an opportunity to have some fun. Of course the OMD is not the universally competent camera that any DSLR is, and its system is sparse in comparison. It's just a damn good camera for a lot of purposes. It just so happened that Thom put his money where his mouth is: he buys appropriate tools for appropriate purposes, and he's found that the OMD works just fine for his wilderness landscape photo needs.  Everything else he does is still Nikon-driven. I thought it might be fun to write a tabloid-style piece on the theme he introduced.

Hmmm. From all the gravely serious responses this post has generated, I'd say that I and Thom hit a nerve.  How many of us would secretly prefer that Nikon embrace Galen's philosophy as assiduously as their present one?

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