Nikon 24 2.8 question

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Re: Nikon 24 2.8 question

millerjs wrote:

Thanks for the opinion. I am glad you have one. I find it interesting because I have the 50d and 85d and they seem to be very sharp. I am surprised that the 24's are not very sharp.

I may try to get my hand on before I buy if I buy.

I wouldn't be putting much emphasis into what this particular "veteran" contributor has to say about the lens. Of the 6000+ plus posts he has here, I'm guessing as many as several hundred say almost the exact same thing (and I wish I were kidding, from both of our perspectives...).

I'd read the SLRGear and Lenstip reviews, I think I'd be somewhere in between the two personally. I have the 24/2.8 AF-D myself currently, not having used it extensively other than to make sure I got a decent copy initially.

About the only thing I would add to either review is that I would consider the lens somewhat light limited (for lack of a better term) compared to a more modern wide angle. In other words, I don't think the lens does well with high contrast lighting, but then again neither do several of the older lenses I have that I still consider to be useful in many other ways (both 35-70/2.8 AF-D and the 85 1.8 AF-D you mentioned as examples).

Do you see the picture of the bust at the end of the Lenstip review?

In that kind of soft light the lens does fine FYI, Lenstip claims to do no sharpening on their example pics.

Also, the lens is way smaller than the 16-85 DX lens that Leonard keeps comparing it to, or my Tamron 17-50 DX, etc. etc. etc. It's a compact, FX, wide angle with AF that you can find for a couple of hundred bucks used, in great shape. I have to stop mine down to f7.1, f8 on a D700 to get what I would consider 'decent to good' corner performance for a landscape type shot.

Now, what exactly were you mumbling about saying, again, Leonard?

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