How good is the E35F18-OSS ? Simple test

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Re: Some other comments

In terms of recommend high-35mm-IQ, I would recommend the E35F18-OSS as your first choice.

  • The second choice, imo, would be the Sigma 30mm. But the lack of OSS and the 1-stop loss do hamper your nighttime availability. But otherwise, this lens is very sharp as well.
  • I still find that the ZM35 produces higher IQ - but we are pixel peeping and there are many other issues - MF (a plus in such tests) and OSS (a negative here) come into play.
  • The DT35mm has set a high standard, the E35 does beat it.

I did not really tests against the Sigma 30, E24Z, E50 and E1650PZ, but I did make some conclusions on a few shots.

  • The E24Z easily outclasses the E35, but the FOV is different, and so is the lack of OSS.
  • The E50 is not as sharp as the E35, but this is based on very few shots, and I would not make this conclusive. Just that I found more sharpness in the E35 details than in the E50. It may have been a matter of focus point, or could be DOF related.
  • Lastly, the E1650PZ produces much better images - at lowlight and daylight - than I had expected!
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