How good is the E35F18-OSS ? Simple test

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Re: My observations

The E35 is very, very good.

I did not upload all images - just not sufficient storage space for this here, just a small sample.

1) IQ

  • If I have to rate it by IQ, I would rate the ZM35 first, the E35 second and the DT35 third.
  • Mind you - the DT35 has gotten raving reviews in the past.

2) OSS

  • To my surprise, the OSS matters more than I had expected. You can get more clear shots - even the S95 produced some respectable images under low light.
  • If you check some of the posted images closely, you can see camera shake on both the DT and the ZM lenses

3) Camera body

  • I am sure that this will come up, but I find that the Nex-6, the Nex-7 downsampled and the Nex-5N produce very similar images. Therefore, I ran the test I had it set up, to reduce the number of lensswaps.

3) Focusing

  • Obviously, MF focusing wins every time on a still subject, as you clearly define the focus point. I found that the CDAF picked better focus points than the PDAF - on the subjects that I chose. It could have been the other way around, but that is what I noticed.

4) Size

  • The E35F18 is fairly small and compact. The ZM35 is similar in length, is heavier, but thinner overall. The DT + EA2 adapter is the largest setup.

5) Alternatives

  • Not part of the majority of shots, but I was impressed with the results of the Sigma 30, the E24Zeiss,   the E50F1.8, all expected, but also the E1650PZ. 

6) Overall

  • The E35 is very, very good. 
  • The lens has very high IQ.
  • The lens handles OSS well - the camera programming soso.
  • Focusing is CDAF, but is highly accurate.
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